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HZM Co-Op Script Mod v2.0

Website URL: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3505004694149719954
Release date: 06-07-2007
Runtime:  2 min 18 sec
Language(s): English
Format: Google Video (Mpg)
Director(s):  Jimmy Waem
Cast: Jimmy Waem (Modboy), Christian Strahl (Chrissstrahl)
Public: Star Trek Gamers


This is a movie i made of a the Star Trek Elite Force 2 modification made by Chrissstrahl.


Normally you can't play single player missions in multi player.
The reason are script commands which are not supported by the multi Player Servers, which are crashing the Server.
Now HazardModding has developed a Script which allows to:
- Play in Co-Op modus ONLINE single player maps.
- Run 6 Secret Levels from Ritual on a dedicated Windows Server.
- Run the Co-Op mod on Linux dedicated Servers as well.
- Equip players individually with weapons teams and health.
- Spawn/Respawn players at a specified location.
- Define start and max health for each level individually.
- Define start and max hrmor for each level individually.
- Define max amount of regeneration for health and armor sperately.
- Automatically load next level.
- Displays the mission objectives (only on Windows sv).
- Set spawn location and spawn location for each player individually.
- Force one team, to avoid players from killing each other.
- Handle each player individually by target name.
- Send a message to all players at the same time or individually.
- Immobilize all players or individually.
- and much more...
Some features are shown in this video recorded and edited by [dM]Modboy. this video is a co-operation of the darkmatter-clan.com and hazardmodding. using the HZM Co-Op Script in version 2.0