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JW Web Fetcher

Release date: 15-05-2007
Developer(s): Jimmy Waem
Latest Version: 1.2 B
Release State: Beta
Licence: Opensource under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
Type:  Stand Alone or Extension
Public: Webmasters
Language(s): English
Browser Compability: IE6&7, FF
System Requirements: - Apache HTTP Server 2.0 or higher
- PHP 4.x
Optional Requirements  Dir97 PRO 1.5 or Dir97 XE 1.1 from C97.net
Known Issues:  - Does not fully support PHP 5.
Development Status:  Discontinued


This application that also can be used as extension for Dir97 PRO 1.5 or Dir97 XE 1.1 from C97.net can fetch all the usefully data from an entered URL such as Title, description, author... and then prepare it for use for your link directory application or sends the data directly to your Dir97 PRO and Dir97 XE link configuration page or even directly to your database while Web Fetcher also check the founded data on errors, auto trim descriptions and write a description.

You can imaging how much time this will save when you want to add many new links to your link directory in no time you will have the biggest links directory of them all.
And that's not all this mod also have some extra function like checking if the URL is not broken or already exists in the database and much more...


- Nice interface like the default Dir97 PRO 1.5.
- Integration mode for Dir97 PRO 1.5 and Dir97 XE 1.1. (possible also works for previous versions)
- Can also run in stand alone mode for use with other link management software.
- Fetch the title and meta tags from out almost any website.
- Transfer fetched data directly to Dir97 on the add link page form fields.
- Transfer fetched data directly to the Dir97 database as new link.
- Show the result of fetched data in Web Fetcher.
- Optional show extra list of all meta tags found on website.
- Optional fetching report.
- Double db entry verification.
- Automatic max characters trimming, fixing bad text layout.
- Automatically generate title and description for when no date could be found on the target website.

As bonus have i also included and new improved version of the admin link.tpl for Dir97 PRO 1.5 and Dir97 XE 1.1. that perfectly can be used together with Web Fetcher.

Jimmovations Admin,
23 Dec 2010, 06:13