The Jimmovations website was born on April 13th 2008 around 22:00 hours.

I started web developing since I was 14 years old.
I still remember my first website 'JW Website' was made very simple in HTML with almost no design build in Netscape Composer en logo made in MS Paint :D
I did the follow education in informatics: scientific programming, industrial programming, logic and statistics, desktop publishing, scanning, image Editing, Dreamweaver, PHP, Mysql and Linux operating systems.
After education I worked as a professional web developer for a company in Antwerp and since that time I learned the most of professional web development.
These days I only develop websites as freelancer especially for non profit organizations.

I use the follow tools and methods for web development:

For design of the graphical layout I use Adobe Fireworks and additionally for more specific editing I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo.
For creating Flash animations I use SWiSH Max.
I use Adobe Dreamweaver for CSS and HTML.
And for programming I use Notepad++ and Zend Studio.

I build websites under the follow CMS systems:
Google Sites CMS for smaller low traffic websites.
Drupal for bigger, more custom websites and high traffic.
Additionally I can also work with e107 and Joomla CMS but I prefer to work with Drupal.
I also program under the Zend framework.

Things I don't do.
- I don't work with Photoshop, never liked the software I always have been a fan of Paint Shop Pro that works allot faster and more professional compared to Photoshop in my opinion.
- I don't make website entirety out of Flash, I hate that kind of websites the are slow and difficult to maintenance.
- I don't program in ASP, I'm a kind of a PHP guy :)